Monday, November 22, 2010

True Men Thanksgiving Tips

1378549_height370_width560Many in USAmerica – if the news reports are to be believed – will be traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s some tips that will help you actually enjoy the time.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before traveling. It can be done if you plan a little bit ahead of time.

Pack light. Remember, unless you are flying Southwest, you are going to be charged for checking luggage. You have a 50 pound weigh limit, too.

Pray for patience. Just about every problem encountered during the Thanksgiving holiday – travel included – can be countered with a healthy does of patience. It helps me to remember that the airline employees are not your enemy. They are trying to move thousands a people an hour through their area in as an efficient way as possible.

Don’t drink alcohol before or during your travels. I hope its obvious that you shouldn’t be drinking if you are the one actually driving. But even if you are the passenger, don’t drink. Call me a prude, but think about it – alcohol impairs your ability to think, make good decisions, and stay awake. Abstaining will help greatly in the patience department as well.

Limit the other drinks as well. Keep hydrated, of course, but stick to water instead of caffeinated drinks. You’ll be visiting the bathroom a lot less. For me, there’s no bigger hassle while flying than using the on-board bathrooms. And have you seen airport bathrooms?

If you see someone at the airport or at a stop along the way of your trip that appears to need help, help them. This is the Thanksgiving holiday, and a great way to give thanks is to help, extending a helping hand to someone in need.

When the family gathers together this week, remember that these people are supposed to love you and you are supposed to love them. If you are sitting across the table from someone who disagrees with you politically, theologically, or sports-ily, just say to yourself, “I love them and dinner is almost over.”

thumb_1231456732501_0p5858853643823351Give thanks. That was the original intent of the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s nothing wrong with eating turkey, watching football, and taking a nap. But also give thanks. Pray. Go to worship. Thank God for what you have.

This is just  a couple of ways I thought of to have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.

What are some of yours?

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