Monday, November 8, 2010

25 Days of Thanksgiving–Day 8

I am thankful for Monday mornings.

No, really. It sounds weird, I know. We have been taught by our United States culture to believe that Monday mornings are evil. That Monday mornings are the day Satan must have been created (which may be true, but irrelevant to this post).

But for me, Monday mornings are a great time.

The house is quiet after 7:30 a.m. The boys are off to school. My My home work areawife is off to work. And It is my time to shuffle down to my work area in the basement and spend some time with God that is all my own.


While technically Monday is the second day of the week, it is the beginning of my work week. But it is a more relaxed day because I tend to work on Sundays while most people have that day off. Sundays are the day I become the lead worshipper in a church. Mondays are the days that I get to spend time with God and write and play music on my radio show.

I start the day reading Scripture, praying, and asking God what He has planned for my week.

I then check email, log in to Twitter and start sharing my thoughts and ideas about life, the universe and everything – and how Jesus Christ has changed my life and can change other people’s lives for the better as well.

Yes, I am very thankful for Monday mornings. They get my week started off on the right foot!

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