Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 25

prairie sunrise

Just minutes before dawn on Thanksgiving morning I crawl out of bed, find my shoes in the dark closet (trying not to wake my wife) and head down to the kitchen. I plug the coffee pot in and then walk out to the garage. It’s cold outside as I get the turkey that’s been thawing in the fridge for the last couple of days and bring it into the house to finishing thawing in the sink.

I’m thankful for all of that, because I know what the rest of the day will bring. My dad and his wife will be over later for dinner. My brother and his family will also be stopping by. My wife will be making dinner in the kitchen while my sons and I watch the parade on TV. Tonight we’ll be heading to my mom’s to celebrate with her.

This is our first Thanksgiving back in the Midwest after four years in California. While we were happy in California, we are really thankful to be back home. Last night my wife and I, along with our three sons and my mom, went to Thanksgiving worship where I will be helping out as a vacancy assistant pastor. We heard a great message about blessing the Lord in response to what the Lord has done for us. We communed together as a family along with about a hundred other brothers and sisters in the Lord. The music was wonderful – piano, organ and handbells.

Later today the weather calls for snow flurries. I think we’ll put a mediumfire in the fireplace while we watch football and eat my homemade pumpkin pie (see Day 24).  I’ll also have a slice of blueberry pie my wife made especially for me (it’s my favorite).

I’m also thankful for you, for reading my posts this month about the things that I am thankful for. I hope you enjoyed them and they brought a little of God’s joy and blessing to you. When I give thanks, I am blessed by God and feel his love for me in Christ Jesus.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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