Saturday, November 13, 2010

25 Days of Thanksgiving-Day 13

A couple of years ago, my sons and I decided to save up our money and purchase a Nintendo Wii game system.

We wanted to get something that we could all play together. The Wii had the games we could play together.

And today I’m thankful for that.

We love playing Wii bowling and Wii golf. Four can play at a time and we take turns playing together since there are five us in our family.

My wife enjoys bowling with our sons. I enjoy golf. They also love competing against each other in Wii 3-on-3 basketball, table tennis, regular tennis, but they also like playing as two-men teams in Super Mario Galaxy.

On a day like today – chilly and rainy – we put a fire in the fireplace and fire up the Wii.

So, I better get back to the games!

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