Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Days of Christmas – Day 3

We are living it tough economic times. Unemployment is high, jobs are scarce, and people are worried.

Add to this the stress that can come in December with the gift-giving holiday approaching fast.

This season, I have taken a part-time job to help make economic ends – if not exactly meet then at least get a little closer. That can add to the stress – if I let it.

But I found an extra job opportunity that helps me focus less on myself and more on other people. In my training for this job I have been instructed to greet guests with, “Can I help you find something?” The workers all greet each other by name where I work (thankfully we have name tags). And we huddle together towards the beginning of the work shift to learn about what we need to get done that day and to greet the new workers and to encourage one another. There are even special recognitions for those who have done something special or are celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

I have been blessed to have found extra work this holiday season at a place that emphasizes looking to others first – which is what Christmas is all about to me!

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