Monday, December 13, 2010

25 Days of Christmas – Day 12

snowstormThis weekend we had our first major snowstorm of the season. Near-blizzard like conditions occurred in the Upper Midwest with heavy snow, high winds, and bitter cold. It was so bad, the football game in the Twin Cities had to be postponed and then moved to Detroit. Many worship services in Wisconsin and Minnesota were canceled.

We did not have to cancel services at the church I serve. I was glad. I was preaching this weekend and I was really looking forward to that, and two adult confirmations and new members being welcomed, in addition to the Sunday School Christmas program.

Attendance was somewhat light but not all that bad considering the blowing snow and bone-chilling temperatures.

I give thanks to God for those who braved the weather and bad road conditions to attend worship. I understand and am sympathetic to those who could not attend and hope they are safe, looking forward to seeing them this coming weekend.

It’s all part of living in the Midwest at this time of year. And it is nice to have a blanket of new snow in the days leading up to Christmas.

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