Friday, December 24, 2010

25 Days of Christmas - Day 24

Today is Christmas Eve. This is probably my favorite day of the holidays, with Christmas Day a very close second place.

Billy Coffey – one of my internet friends and fellow bloggers – sums up how I feel about Christmas Eve pretty well:

For a lot of people, Christmas Day is their favorite day of the year. It isn’t mine. I’ve always fancied Christmas Eve a bit more. I’ve often wondered why and never really have figured out an answer, but I think I have one now.

It’s the anticipation.

It’s the knowing that what we’ve all been waiting for is now upon it. It’s almost here, mere hours away. No longer a wish, but a certainty.

In a life that promises doubt, certainties are treasures.

You can read his blog here.

Today my Christmas Eve included sleeping a little this morning (I worked the overnight shift at Target – which included twice as many groceries and products to make up for the fact that a truck will not be coming in tonight due to Christmas). I then cleaned up the house with my sons, turned on some Christmas music, and then dropped off some gifts at the neighbors whose driveways I clear when it snows.

This evening we will be going to the Candlelight service as a family. I’ll be sitting in the pew this year – something I always look forward to (because it doesn’t happen very often – usually I’m up front preaching).

It is also supposed to snow some tonight – about four inches. So before dawn and Christmas Day I’ll be clearing some driveways and then heading over to St. Matthew Lutheran in Hawthorn Woods where I’ve been asked to preach. I invited the neighbors whose driveways I clear to come to church with my family and they said yes!

All in all its been a great 25 Days of Christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading these blog posts.

I pray you have a very blessed Christmas!


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