Monday, December 13, 2010

25 Days of Christmas – Day 13

Snow DayWhen it started snowing yesterday about midmorning, my sons started to get excited that they might have a snow day today (Monday).

There are a couple of discouraging things about heavy snow on a Saturday or Sunday. One, it wreaks havoc on church attendance (which gives stomach aches to some pastors). Two, it usually gives road crews time to clear the roads between our houses and our schools.

That was the case this past weekend. For a time, it seemed as if my boys would get that gift of gifts for any student – a snow day. But when the snow tapered off to light flurries about sunset on Sunday, I knew that it would not be so.

Sure enough, this morning school was in session. I felt bad for my boys. No snow day today. We were close, though! For the last four years we lived in Southern California and there is no such thing as a snow day in the San Gabriel valley. It rarely drops to below 50 degrees in the wintertime!

But it’s not so bad. After all, this week is the last week before Christmas break. Excitement is running high because Christmas day is less than two weeks away!

And we can still read about Snow Days in a book by first-time author Billy Coffey – which I highly recommend. Find out more about that here at his blog.

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