Sunday, February 15, 2009

Primary Purpose

And God blessed them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. - Genesis 1:28

There are two things that are – or at least are supposed to be intimately related: sex and fatherhood.

But our society has separated these two, to our great detriment.

If we keep them together as God originally intended, then the world will be a more livable place.

But let me make one thing very clear. That isn’t our goal, or at least it shouldn’t be. Because if we identify our purpose from Genesis 1:28 as being a father and then make our goal a better world, then our goal is inadequate and too small. It’s too small because this world isn’t going to last. Why try to improve something that will eventually be destroyed? Our goal should be concerned that which will last – people.
Specifically our sons and daughters.

God intended that sex should lead to babies. Because of sin, this doesn’t always happen as God intends or happen at all. God also gave us our “reason” (see Luther’s explanation to the First Article of the Apostles' Creed) and out of that comes the technology to have children apart from sex. This can be used in a godly way. But like everything else, it can also be misused.

We need to get to core issues. The problem is sin. The solution is Christ – his death and resurrection removes our sin and gives us the power to live as God created us to live. Sexual intimacy is intended to be between a husband and wife alone. That is the beginning of being a true father and true mother. It is also how God makes another generation of men and women of God.

Adapted from Man of God: Finding Purpose in an Uncertain World

©2009 True Men Ministries.

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