Sunday, February 1, 2009

Male and Female He Created Them

Jesus Christ is key in understanding the image of God and the image of a man. That doesn’t mean He is not key to understanding the image of a woman, but this is a men’s study after all, so let’s keep our primary focus on males.

Actually, we’ll understand women a little better as a result of this study!

In Christ we have a man as he was originally intended – sinless. And understanding who Christ is will be essential in understanding who we are meant to be.

The age-old conflict of “the battle of the sexes” should be addressed. Some would have us believe that since women have been handed the short end of the stick that it is only fair that the tables be turned now. But the logical conclusion is that there must come a time when the tables are re-turned again. This is not how God intended things to be.

Are women better than men? Our society seems to indicate that when it ridicules men more than women.

God created humans to be male and female. God created humans in His image. Therefore, male and female are equal yet separate parts of the overall image of God.

From Man of God: Finding Purpose in an Uncertain World

©2009 True Men Ministries.

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