Monday, February 18, 2008

What People Ask a Pastor

I've got two guys re-doing my bathroom. They know I'm a pastor. I came back from the store and they were doing good work. I check up on them not because I want to make sure they are doing good work, but because I'm curious about the work they are doing. I cannot do all that plumbing and framing and cementing and laying tile and I appreciate those who can.

So I poke my head in there and the one guy is very excited to see me. He had a question for me, because he knows I'm a pastor. The quesiton he asked was not about salvation or about Jesus and how to be saved - you know, the questions you'd think a pastor would get.

No, his question was - what does iniquity mean. I think I hid my disapointment pretty well. That was too easy. But I answered him (simply put, it means sin). Then he asked me about abomination.

This led to the other guy here to ask if God can hate. I told him, only sin. Never people.

This situation just reinforces the idea that people don't always ask the questions you might be prepared to answer. Be open to any question - and don't be afraid to say "I don't know."

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