Monday, February 3, 2014

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

“What do you want to talk about?”tire-and-road
In my experience, that’s the way many Bible studies start. A group of people get together – men or women or couples or youth – and they first decide what topic they want to tackle.
Marriage. Vocation. Sex. Bullying. Leadership. Innovation. Success. The topic list is virtually endless.
But here’s what I’m thinking. Even though life is full of topics, that shouldn’t be the focus of a Bible study that I’m leading or participating in.
The focus should be on the Bible. The focus should be the Word of God. Ultimately, the focus should be on the Word of God – Jesus Christ.
I want to learn how to be a successful leader. I want to be able to teach my sons how to respond to bullying. I want young people to know the proper place sex has in their lives. I want my marriage to continue to be stronger and even grow stronger.
So I read books and watch videos and attend seminars and symposiums.
All of this is well and good.
But where the gumme hits the strasse (“the rubber hits the road”) is the Bible.
To truly grow as a Christian, to truly develop as a disciple of Jesus Christ, I need to be immersed in the Bible.
I recently finished reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek. I first heard of it after watching a short video called How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Excellent video and excellent book. I learned A LOT from both and highly recommend both. They can teach you so much about being a leader, being an innovator, leading a company, business, and even a church.
But while it is an insightful book and video, it is also just a topic. It is just a tool that can be used to become or be a better leader, innovator, businessmen, church council member, etc.
What I’m getting at is that tools only get you so far in being a disciple of Jesus Christ.
As a disciple, I want to have as many tools in my tool box as I can get.
But without the Bible, I’ll just have a cluttered tool box.
But with the Bible, there’s practically no limit to where I can go using those tools as a disciple of Christ.
The reason this is so is because the Word of God, the Bible, is powerful.
Psalm 29:4 says, “The voice of the Lord is powerful.” Through the Word God created the universe. Through the Word God redeemed sinners. Through the Word God will re-created a new heaven and a new earth.
The Bible. That’s where all topics, all tools, get their power. Start with the Word and there’s no telling how powerful God will make you in this world!

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