Monday, January 2, 2012

One Word

In response to my earlier post about not making New Year's resolutions, I'm now following "My One Word."

In setting goals instead of making resolutions, I've been able to narrow down what I'm trying to accomplish in 2012 to one word.

That word?


I've got two ears and one mouth. So I should be listening twice as much as I speak.

My goal is to listen to what people say to - and around - me. I think it may be that I'll get to know them better and build stronger relationships.

My goal is to also listen to what God is saying to me. I tend to fill my world with a lot of noise. I'm going to try cut back on the noise so I can hear better what God is saying to me and others.

That's my goal in one word.

What's your one word?

Check out this blog for information on how to choose your word. My One Word.

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