Monday, March 7, 2011

Sun Shine

Will winter ever end?

Friday night I fell asleep to the sound of rain on the roof. It was a welcomed sound of spring. But when I woke up, shuffling down to make my Saturday morning coffee, I caught a glimpse of the backyard – once again covered with snow. Sometime during the night, the rain changed over to snow.

Just when I was beginning to get in the mood for spring, winter made an appearance to remind me that it isn’t quite time yet. Baseball is coming. Spring training games have begun for the MLB. And my oldest son begins his first season of high school baseball next week.

But then there was that snow on Saturday. It was, in a word, “frustrating.”

The sun came out today, though. After a great morning of leading a Bible study and then worshiping, I was lounging in front on the TV this afternoon watching a baseball game and the sun started shining through the window.

My beagle immediately found a spot to take a nap in the sunshine.Sox at home - December 2008 019 He’s got the right idea.

When the sun shines, I feel better. When the Son (of God) shines on my heart I feel better, too.

Today at church the theme was the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Jesus showed His divine glory to Peter, James, and John. It blew Peter away!

He showed them this in order for them to get through the next month or so – which would end with the death of Jesus on a cross. Not really an end, though. Three days later Jesus would rise from the dead.

When Jesus was transfigured before Peter, James, and John, He told them to not tell anyone what they had seen until after He rose from the dead. I think that Peter’s immediate reaction was a very good reason for this admonition. He was practically babbling because of what he saw.

But after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, Peter and the rest of the disciples-turned-apostles would turn the whole world upside down telling the Gospel story.

Jesus shined on that mountain briefly. But He would shine through the apostles’ lives for the rest of their lives and others – including you and me – would come to faith because of the Holy Spirit working through their message.

The sun was shining through my front window today and it warmed me up.

When Jesus is shining in my heart, He is also shining through my heart into other people’s lives, and maybe the Holy Spirit will use me to bring the warmth of salvation to them as well.

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JC Dude said...

Keep on shinning bro' and thanks for sharing some SONshine with us!