Monday, September 21, 2009

Live a True Adventure

I love “adventure.”

I love adventure stories – Treasure Island, Robin Hood, Clive Cussler stories, Tom Clancy stories.

I love adventure movies – Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Braveheart, Master and Command.

I love adventure songs – “Battle of New Orleans,” “Sink the Bismarck,” “North to Alaska” (all famously recorded by Johnny Horton).

I also love living adventures – going on hikes in the mountains, attempting to rock climb, camping in the wilderness, walking alone in a big city at night.

Ah, “walking alone.” In a book I’m reading right now, the author makes the case that most men search for adventure that they alone can partake in. Solo mountain climbing – without a partner, ropes or other safety devices. Or motorcycling across the country by themselves. Sailing solo. Hiking into the wilderness alone to find a solitary fishing spot.

What is it about adventure that guys want to do it alone?

After all, it was God the Father Almighty Himself who said, “It is not good that the man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18 ESV).

The problem is that too many men have bought into the lie that being married or parenting is domestic, and therefore not manly and certainly not an adventure.

As the father of three sons, I can honestly tell you that is certainly a lie! Being the father of three boys is a daily adventure – one that exhausts me at the end of the day. It is an adventure that I have to prepare myself mentally and physically – just as a guy would prepare for a cross-country cycle event or to play in an athletic contest. And it is an adventure I would never want to give up!

Being the father of three sons is an adventure that satisfies and fulfills me like nothing else can – and I’ve done the rock climbing, wilderness camping, mountain hiking, and other things that are normally considered adventures!

I enjoy solitary times, but God has brought into my life a beautiful woman who has been my wife for 18 years, and three young men who have been part of my life for 13 years. They need me in their lives as much as I need them – and we live the adventure God has given us together.

The adventure that Christ lived is our model for adventure today. He is the sole-begotten Son of God, but He did not live the adventure alone! He has perfect communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit. But He also chose 12 men – the original small group! – to be part of His Adventure. And the world was changed forever!

If you think that the only way you can live an adventurous life is by going solo – think again. God said that it wasn’t good for you to be alone – and He knows best. He will bring people into your life – a wife, husband, children, friends, and a church family – so that you can live a true adventure!

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