Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Out of the Boat

During a storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus came up to the boat of His disciples - walking on the water. They were frightened - with the wind and waves threatening to drown them all and seeing a person walking ON the water, who could blame them for being afraid.

Jesus tells them to calm down, it is He! Peter - of course! - says to Jesus, "If it is really you, command me to come to you on the water."

Jesus says, "Come."

And Peter walks on water! Pretty amazing!

That is, until Peter is distracted by the wind and waves around him. He takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to sink into the water.

But Peter got out of the boat! Would I have that kind of courage, that kind of faith?

That's what I'm looking for. To have the kind of faith that will do seemingly crazy things like getting out of a perfectly good and safe place to go where it would be insane to think that I could be safe.

But Jesus is out there! If I keep my eyes on Jesus, than that is the safest place in the universe.

Get-out-of-the-boat faith. That's what I want.

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Nancy said...

I know that I "got out of the boat" when we took the leap of faith and moved to California. It was a big move and we trusted that God would provide for us and he did.