Sunday, January 11, 2009


At about noon on Christmas Day, I was thinking that it had finally arrived. The time I could spend relaxing. I could relax with my family, not have to worry about work, writing, or leading worship at church – at least for a couple of days.

But then, my middle son Kurt was sick. We thought it was just the flu or a cold. But when the fever started to get worse, the sense of relaxation started to go away. When he had a full-blown, knock-down seizure, it was gone for good.

But the good news was the doctor at the ER said it was the fever that caused the seizure and that breaking the fever with over-the-counter children’s medicine would take care of it. It did. About 24 hours later, he was eating again and feeling fine, albeit a little frustrated whenever we asked him how he was feeling – which was about every 10 minutes!

About 3:00 Sunday afternoon, I was thinking again that it finally arrived again. The time I could spend relaxing. This time I had almost a week without having to worry about work, writing or leading worship at church. All the boys were healthy and there was nothing on the horizon that was looming to try to take away from my time of relaxation. It ended up being a great week!

I need to learn how to relax, to find the Sabbath rest that God created me (and all of us) to enjoy. He created us so that we need one day out of every seven to rest from everyday stuff. A chance to unwind, pray, meditate on His Word, worship, and relax.

But relaxation for me is more than just a Sabbath rest. It is a way that I really need to learn how to live everyday. Sometimes I get excited – about a new project, a new toy, a new book. Then I put all my time and effort into that new whatever to the point where I get myself into a frenzy.

For example, I’m a Facebook fan. I don’t’ think I’m an addict just yet, but can understand how people can become addicted to it! I enjoy interacting with the different people on Facebook. But I need to relax about Facebook. I spend some time going through some pages, but then I put it away or walk away, staying online in case a friend wants to talk, but doing something else. I also like Twitter – a way to mini-blog, in 140 words or less, what I’m doing or thinking at the moment.

I think this is all part of my personality that wants to have companions to adventure with. I don’t like to be alone, even when I am seeking a little solitude. I think the idea that there’s someone else here, someone else who I can talk to, share feelings with; ask a question that’s on my mind.

Christ does that for usl. He said to His disciples that He was going away but would send the Holy Spirit, His Holy Spirit, to be with them forever. Christ is here with me right now. I can instant message Jesus any time – He’s always online (kind of like me!).

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