Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life Is Like a Bunch of Rocks

These rocks are a lot like life. At the top is the Great Light of heaven, but it sure seems like an awful lot of work to get there.

But in a little over two weeks, I'm going to be climbing these rocks. The key? I won't be doing it by myself. I'll have an experienced guide leading me on and - probably more importantly - encouraging me on.

The greatest part of that encouragment is that my guide has been there before. He knows what he's doing. He's going on ahead of me. He's going to coach me up. He's going to have me hooked into him by a sturdy rope.

That's life. I'm heading up to heaven. It is going to be a rocky road. But Christ is leading me on. Christ is encouraging me on. He's been this way before. And I'm tied into Him by an unbreakable rope.

Life ain't easy. But it sure is exciting. Yeah, there are times when I wish it were a bit less exciting. Less rocky. Less hard. And there are times when it is. I'm hoping I'll get better at recognizing those times so I can enjoy them.

But I'll take the excitement, too. Because I've found that's a lot of fun, too!

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