Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flying Old Glory (update & repost)

Today is Flag Day in the United States.

Some may think it is a day set aside to worship the flag. But that’s not the reason for Flag Day (which can be found here) and it isn’t the reason I observe Flag Day (continue reading to find out).

The United States Flag is a symbol of what the country stands for. It gives us our history – 13 red and white bars signifying the 13 original colonies that became the first 13 states of the Union. It also signifies our current status – 50 white stars signifying the current 50 states.

But for me, the United States Flag reminds me that the freedom I enjoy – the freedom to worship as I wish, to work where I want, to travel anywhere in this country anytime I want without asking permission of the government, and even the freedom to write this blog post – the Flag reminds me that these and all the freedoms U.S. citizen’s enjoy are NOT free.

In the past we've had a U.S. Flag hanging outside our home – we usually put it up Memorial Day weekend and take it down again Labor Day weekend (so it doesn’t get weather-beaten in the winter months) We are currently in the process of procuring a flag pole for our new home.

In my office is another U.S. Flag, an older Flag. It doesn’t have 50 stars because there were only 48 stars in the Union when this Flag performed its final duty – to drape the coffin of Lance Corporal Edward Sciffmann Wear, USMC. I’ve written about my Great Uncle here.

It is also the Flag under which my Grandfather Edward Blonski served in Europe in the U.S. Army  in 1944 and 1945. I’ve written about that here.

These – and all U.S. Flags – remind me to give thanks to God for the men and women who lead us in the country. They remind me to give thanks for the men and women who led us. They remind me to give thanks to God for those who fought, bled, and died to keep us free.

That’s what U.S. Flag day means to me.

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